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Motivation OR Momentum?

Have you ever wondered how on earth to get motivated to actually work on your fitness goals? It’s a concern I hear from a lot of people! So, you’re in good company.

So, here’s the problem. Motivation is like that friend who is always there for the party, but the moment you actually need her, she has disappeared, nowhere to be found! Totally not dependable, but she’s so much fun, and we feel so awesome when she’s around, so we constantly search for her.

We look and look and look and look. But she’s never there unless there’s a party.

Do you ever feel like that? I know I do!

So, let’s let her come and go as she pleases. Take advantage of her energy when she’s around. But when she leaves, let’s just let her go and keep on going with our buddy momentum.

Momentum likes to hang around when we’ve started working on a goal. She is dependable. As long as you keep going - even just a little bit - she will be there to help you keep going the direction you want to go.

In my Simply Fit MBO online fitness group, we work on building momentum so we don’t have to rely on Motivation. As much as we love her, she’s just not that supportive of a friend.

So, the next time you want to get started on a goal, commit to taking just 1 step forward. Whether that means exercising for 5 minutes each day and you can quit if you want after that 5 minutes. Or whether that means changing up breakfast from a cinnamon roll to some toast and eggs. Or whether that means drinking a cup of water BEFORE your normal thirst quencher. You get to choose. 1 small thing. Do it daily. That will take you to your goals much faster than waiting for motivation ever will.

Would you like to know more about my Simply Fit MBO online fitness support group? Send me a message or, if you already know you're ready to jump in, fill out my form and I'll get in touch with you soon!

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