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DON'T Clear Your Plate

Were you taught as a child to clear your plate at every meal? It is a very common thing! And probably one of the worst things for our health that our society has taught us.

Does that seem weird? Like, how on earth could it be bad to finish your plate?

Let me explain.

When we are taught that it is a MUST to clear our plates at our meals, we learn not to listen to our bodies. Instead, we're taught that our PLATE should dictate how much we eat, not our bodies.

So, I'm giving you a challenge for this week!!!

If you happen to be reading this when I posted it on Thanksgiving week, or around a holiday, don't worry about it on that holiday! If you want to do it on then, it'll help with not overeating and feeling really gross, but I don't want you to stress about your food on special occasions.

Your challenge is to leave a couple bites or so ON your plate at the end of your meal. Note - this is not meant as an excuse not to finish your veggies. Finish those!

But leave a couple bites of your favorite part of the meal. For instance, if you have chicken and mashed potatoes with veggies, finish those veggies and leave a bit of mashed potatoes and chicken on your plate.

What this will do for you...

💫 It'll make you think twice before going back for seconds. Why would you need them if you didn't even finish your first helping. Right? 💫 It'll help you increase your self-control. If you purposefully left food on your plate, you're less likely to give into munching on the other foods on the table if you're still sitting there chatting. 💫With only leaving a couple bites on your plate, you may actually realize you feel satisfied with what you've already eaten and not feel the need to go find more.

Those empty plates can play some interesting tricks on our minds.

Let's make those tricks stop and take control of our appetites. You in?

Leave me a comment if you're committed to this challenge this week! I would also love to hear about your experience with it! Send me a message and tell me how it helps you out!

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