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Start Seeing the Weight Loss you are working so hard for!


You are too busy to be wasting your time! Let’s work together to FINALLY get you the results you want so you can get back to enjoying your LIFE!


Hey there! I’m Angie!


Do you feel like the world of weight loss is confusing? With about as many opinions out there as there are people, it’s hard to figure out what is the best theory to follow, right?


My philosophy is that your approach needs to be something you can stick to long term. If you’re following a diet that you just can’t wait to stop, then any success you achieve will be short lived. Trust me, I’ve been there!


You also need to follow a plan that includes eating primarily healthy, whole foods, while not eliminating anything completely - unless your body doesn’t handle it well. The moment you give up a food, you’re going to start craving it and wishing that you could have it. And we all know how that goes. I, for one, would end up in the pantry, shoving all the chocolate chips in my face within a week of getting rid of my sweets. So, I just don’t do that!


I’m here to share some commonsense solutions so you can lose weight in a healthy way while enjoying FOOD with your family and creating the energy to LOVE all that life throws at you!


How Will It Feel?


Can you imagine how it will feel the day you reach your goal weight, and you look in the mirror and suddenly recognize that you finally accomplished a goal you’ve been working on for maybe your entire lifetime? AND not only did you lose the weight, BUT you also feel amazing all over because you did it right. You didn't cut any corners. And you succeeded and gained energy you never knew you could have!


That is such a sweet, sweet moment! You CAN experience this too!


I want to SIMPLIFY the process of what you think it takes to lose weight and EMPOWER you to do the work it will take and SUPPORT you along the way! 


Ready to make your goal weight happen?


After having my 4th baby, I found that the baby weight was coming off even more slowly than before and I just knew SOMETHING had to change!


I couldn’t go to the gym with 4 little kids, so I really started to look for something I could do from home. One night, I saw an infomercial for a workout program that was getting people amazing results, and I had to try. THEN, after I started using the program and saw the results I was getting, I was SOLD for life!

The workouts were great!  But I feel like the secret sauce in how I was able to reach my goal weight also included 3 other very important elements.

1 - I started to feed my body better foods. Not just counting calories with whatever crap I felt like eating.

2 - I used HIGH QUALITY supplements to ensure my body was getting the nutrients I really needed

3 - I joined a support group with people who wanted to help me be successful in consistently working out and eating healthy.


Using these programs and principles, I was even able to lose 65 pounds of baby weight after my 6th baby. I feel better than I ever have before!


And now, I love helping others find the same success in weight loss I have and learn to keep it off for good! 

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A Little More About Me


My Educational Background...


I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fitness and Wellness Management from Brigham Young University


I grew up in....


Oklahoma - but I live in Utah now


My Favorite Author...

Brandon Mull & Kiera Cass 


My favorite movie is...


Emma - OR The Greastest Showman


Things I can't live without...


Music - I play piano, sing and play French Horn (Not all at the same time); Books - but only easy novels and some personal development; My Faith and My Family 💕


My favorite place on this planet...


The beach in Florida - just south of St Augustine. So Beautiful!!!

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Get It Done?


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Ready to reach your DREAM weight and feel BETTER than you have in years?
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